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My first book in late 2010, Ariane Arborene's Classic FemDom Stories, is an erotic journey into male submission to the dominant and controlling female.  The link below provides more information about my book.  For a sample of one of the stories from this book, please enjoy the following erotic encounter...

A story of female domination &
anal domination...... 


In The Tall Prairie Grasses

By Ariane Arborene




            “Here, you carry the book of plant illustrations,” she said to him.

            He took the book from her hands as she picked up the backpack filled with paper, pens, small plastic bags, and other supplies.  As usual, he found himself doing exactly as she told him to do.

            As they walked from the parking area up the prairie path, he wondered why he found it so easy to just obey her.  It was strange. He’d never even met her before they found themselves sharing a lab table and partner assignment.  Or, rather, she had seemed to choose him, when she had forcefully wedged her way through the crowd of students on that first day of class, to claim the empty seat beside him.  She had even turned away other students, guys he knew from the swim team or dormitory.

            Why was that? he wondered.  It was like she had radar and somehow sensed, the moment she saw him sitting there, that here was a guy she wanted to partner up with.

He followed her up the rocky area and out into the prairie.  “It’s here that all the prairie plants are supposed to be located,” she said.  Her voice was soft, yet deep and low.  He would never admit it to her, but he liked her voice.

“I want you to look for this plant first,” she said, pointing to an illustration in the book.

“Okay,” he said.

He moved into the tall prairie grasses, with her swigging on her cold water bottle beside him, enjoying the vast prairies spread out before them.

Here he was a senior in college, a full-grown adult of 21, and yet, when this girl ordered him around, he somehow just did what she told him to do.

            His fraternity brothers would laugh at him if he told them.  So he kept to himself the fact that all semester, this girl, his lab partner, had been bossing him around like a CEO with a secretary.  With her being the CEO, and him as the secretary.

            “I figured it would be empty here, on a Monday afternoon,” she murmured, half to herself.


            “Nothing,” she mused, giving him a strange smile.

            They moved through the fragrant prairie plants, the warm sun beating down on their heads.

            He found the first plant.  “Great!” she said, putting it into a small plastic bag.  “Now these two.”

            He looked closely at the drawings in the bright sunlight.  One was purple, and the other a goldenrod shade.

            As he peered at the drawings, he felt her bump into his hip.

            She was always making “accidental” body contact with him.  At first, he had been a little surprised, even put off, by it.  Now, he sort of enjoyed the feel of her strong, voluptuous body against him.  After all, he was not initiating anything, so no one could say he was trying to put the moves on her.

            He looked at her.

            There was that even look in her eyes that he had seen before.

            “I’ll find them,” he said.

            “I trust you will,” she said.  “I’ve gotten A’s on every class assignment so far, thanks to your work.”  She laughed lightly, and instead of being angry, he felt proud of the fact that he was bearing the brunt of the workload.

            He enjoyed being with her.

            But there was something about her that frightened him a little bit, too.  If he was truthful with himself, he would have to admit that he would never have chosen her out of a crowd to spend time with.  She wasn’t in one of the popular college groups he was a part of.  Yet she was not one of the weirdos or uglies.  She was gorgeous, in fact.  But she kept to herself.  Or, more accurately, to herself and her books.  She seemed to be always buried in a book and couldn’t find time to socialize.  Or didn’t want to…

            “Here, look,” she said, pointing down at one of the plants.

            “I’m sorry,” he said.  “I must have overlooked that.”

            She grinned.  “I’ll have to punish you for that.”

            He plucked the plant and neatly placed it in a plastic bag.  As he handed her the plastic bag, he noticed she licked her lips as she looked at him.

            He blushed a little as he turned back to his work.  He moved slowly through the tall grasses, looking carefully.

            As a protected prairie, the grasses were taller than even his six foot height, and it felt weird, like being in a natural maze, to make their way through the white-gold grasses as they swayed in the breeze.

            “It’s so quiet here,” she sighed.

            He found the next five plants quickly.  He enjoyed it, being on a hunt in the gorgeous natural wilderness with her.

            He stopped to drink from his water bottle.  She gave him a look and then, there was no mistaking it, she allowed her gaze to drop down, down, down his body, raking him with her eyes, until they rested at his groin.

            He smiled.  He knew how to flirt.  “Like what you see?” he said.

            “I’m not sure,” she said.  “Everything I want to see is covered by clothing.”

            He burst out laughing.  “I don’t want to get bug bites.”

            She reached out and grabbed his hips.  “I bet I could get you to take these off,” she said.

            “If you say so,” he said, daring her with his tone.  “Show me.”

            “Don’t dare me,” she said.  “I really could make you take those jeans down.”

            “Oh yeah?” he laughed.  He held the book up.  “I think we have a few more plants to find.”

            She looked at him as he turned to go up the path.

            He heard her unzip the backpack.  Should he take her up on her dare and strip, just to show her that she wasn’t the boss after all?  Maybe throw her for a loop, he thought absentmindedly as they walked more deeply into the grasses.  They were far from the parking area now, and there wasn’t another human being to be seen.  Total silence and privacy.

            He was distracted by his thoughts, and didn’t realize she was pointing at a plant up ahead.  “That’s one,” she said.

            He bent down.  “No it’s not.”  It did not look like the illustration.

            “Yes, look again,” she said from behind him.

            He bent all the way down.

            And in that moment, he felt her hands grip him from behind.  Before he knew it, she had his hands tied behind his back with some kind of rope restraints.

            “Hey!” he said.

            Then, suddenly, she was unzipping his pants.  They fell to the dirt path at his feet, encircling his ankles.

            She burst out laughing.  “Aw, don’t tell me you’re going to dare me again.”

            “I didn’t mean to,” he said.  “Stop it.  This isn’t funny.”

            She yanked on the rope restraints and pulled his hands in front of his body, snugly tied.  He struggled against them.  She pushed him gently and he felt himself go down, looking into her commanding eyes.

            She had him on his hands and knees, now.  He felt the grasses underneath his palms and knees.

            The grass was so fragrant, and the air was warm, even sensual.  He felt unsettlingly dazed by the sparkling sunshine … or was it her that put him into this state?

            “You were not paying attention,” she said.

            “For that, you’ve got me on my hands and knees?” he said.  “Bare assed?”  He tried to maintain his composure.  But it was hard with his ass in the air and his genitals dangling freely for her to see.

            “Oh, I’ve wanted to get you bare assed since the moment I laid eyes on you,” she said in a low voice in his ear.

            He suddenly felt her hands gripping him from behind.  He felt her hands on his body.  He realized with a start that she was handling him.  She was taking his balls in her hands.

            “Hey!” he said.

            But his voice trailed off, from anger to something else.  He wasn’t angry.  He was shocked, and also a little thrilled.  And wondering what she would do next.

            Nearby, he could hear a bird on a plant singing a prairie song, as the tall grasses waved and swayed far over their heads.

            Her hands explored his balls and touched his erect member.

            “Ah, look at what we’ve got here!” she said.

            “Stop it,” he said.  Now his voice sounded like a whine.  He hated that whiny tone.  “Come on now,” he said, trying to sound commanding.

            But she wasn’t listening.  It was as if she was having too much fun exploring his testicles and member, like a mean lady doctor examining him to her own specifications.

            “Why are you doing this?” he said.

            “It’s a science project, right?” she said.  “We’re out here gathering plants.  So I wanted to do some scientific exploration of my own.  Do you mind?”
            “Yes, I mind!” he sputtered.  “Get your hands off my cock!”

            “It’s mine, to play with as I wish,” she said.

            “No it’s not,” he said.

            Suddenly, she squeezed his balls so hard he nearly lost consciousness.  “You’re changing from an agreeable partner to a mean guy,” she said.

            He gasped for air.  “Please don’t do that again.”

            “I will if you say something disagreeable like that again,” she said.

            He twisted his head around to look up at her.

            Her eyes were gleeful, eager, excited, and masterful.  She slapped his cheek lightly.  “Put your head back down.  I didn’t tell you to turn around.”


            She slapped him again and he turned around.  She got a better grip on him and squeezed, but lightly enough that it didn’t knock the breath out of him.

            “Just shut up and let me feel you up,” she said in a tone that was both sensual, yet harsh.  Her tone was confident, sure of his obedience.

            He let his head drop down as she did as she wanted to him.  On his hands and knees, his hands tied together and his ankles now tied with some kind of leather belting she had stored in the backpack, he knew if he tried to overpower her, she would just tighten the leather belting more tightly and probably cause more pain than it was worth.  At least her fingers felt strangely exciting, even sort of good, as they fluttered and squeezed his balls like a woman in the grocery squeezing the fruit before purchasing it.

            He was shocked to find his member growing into an erection that embarrassed him.  As she felt him up, she started stroking him, as if for her own amusement.

            “This is fun,” she said.  “I’m playing you like you’re a toy, a toy that gets bigger and bigger the more I play with it.”

            He blushed a bright red in embarrassment.  “I’m sorry,” he moaned softly.  “I didn’t mean to sport a woody.”

            She laughed.  She stroked him more firmly now, and his member grew painfully erect, hard as a rod as she kneaded his balls and stroked his member.

            “Oh please,” he said.

            She laughed again, enjoying herself.  She yanked on his member, as if it were a bell pull.  “Ow!” he groaned.  He fell forward a little bit, then steadied himself on his hands and knees.

            Maybe if he just kneeled there quietly, she would feel him up until she got her point across – that she was in charge and that he could not talk back to her – and then she would let him up.

            “I don’t want to interrupt you or bother you, but we do still have some more plants to locate,” he said softly.

            She pulled up on his balls and spanked his male member sharply.  “I’m well aware of that!” she snapped.

            He groaned softly.  The pain was so intense that he wobbled and nearly toppled over.  No one had ever struck his erect member before.

            Suddenly, he heard the sound of her snapping on a plastic glove.  It was one of the gloves she had packed for picking up samples that were wet or sensitive…. What could she mean by putting one on?

            He turned around to look at her.

            “We’re explorers today, right?”

He looked at her.

“Right?” she repeated.

He nodded.

“I’m glad you understand that.  I’m going to explore your orifice,” she said.

            He strained to get up off his hands and knees.  He needed to stand up.  “No, please!”  His hands wouldn’t move the way he wanted, and the restraints pulled him down, to tumble, rolling in the grass.

            He was on his back, looking up at her.

            She burst out laughing.  “You look ridiculous.”

            “I know,” he sighed.  Would she have mercy on him?

            “You look like a bug that got turned over, waving its arms and legs helplessly.”

            “I am helpless,” he said.  “Haven’t you had enough fun?”

            “Playing with your nice body?” she said, looking down at him.

            He nodded.  He felt so ashamed.  Thank goodness, no one would ever know!

            She shook her head.  “I’m not done exploring you yet.  I want to do this.  You missed those plants I tried to show you, and besides, I’m not going to hurt you permanently or anything…”  She stared at him with those hard eyes.  “Come on,” she said.

            “I can’t.”  He struggled again.

            “Do not make me angry.”

            He groaned and rolled to the side.  She was not going to stop.

            “If you don’t right yourself, you’ll be sorry.”

            He looked up at her.  “Please,” he said.  “You have established your dominance.  I’ll do whatever you want.  Just, please, not that.”

            “Why not?” she said.  “Hasn’t anyone ever taken control over you completely?”
            He looked down.  He finally shook his head.

            “Then it’s time you understood what it is to be completely my bitch,” she said.  “I’m going to explore you anally either the easy way, with you doing as I tell you, or the hard way, with me grabbing your member and yanking you into place in a very painful way.”

            His cock was throbbing in a huge erection.  Grabbing it would make him pass out, probably.  He looked at her.  Those eyes, so commanding and hard.  It was as if she already owned him, somehow. She had taken ownership over him a while ago, but he had not been aware of it. Now, she was just completing the loop and taking ownership over his body, over his sexual organs.  In her hands, they felt like her property.  He couldn’t believe she was going to take him anally, and his blush was raging red across his cheeks and neck.

            “Come on,” she coaxed.  “I promise I won’t hurt you badly.  It might make you a little sore, but that’s all.”

            “Please” he moaned.

            She reached out to grab his cock.  But he rolled over and kneeled before her obediently before she could make good on her threat of grabbing his member.

            “Do whatever you want to me,” he said in a very even voice.  Better to just take it.  Not fight against her, because she was going to do as she wanted to his body.

            And his raging erection already showed that he was enjoying it, in some way he could not understand or define.

            He heard her open up a bottle of some kind of lubricant and swipe it around her fingers.

            He gripped the earth beneath his hands.  “Please be gentle,” he sighed.  “I didn’t mean to make you angry.”

            She swirled the lubricant at the opening of his ass.  He felt her fingers softly at the entrance to his ass, and he felt the oiliness of the lubricant.

            The tip of her finger centered itself at his ass.  He closed his eyes.

            Her fingertip went inside him.  She inserted it a few inches, then pulled back, then in and out, like she was having sexual intercourse with him with her finger.  The opening could handle the tip of her finger, but it was stretching him.  He could feel it stretching him as she poked it in and out.

            For what seemed like a long time, she kneeled behind him as he kneeled on his hands and knees, his head down, his eyes closed. He felt every inch of her finger as she moved it in and out.

            Then, she put more lubricant on her finger.  Suddenly, she penetrated him more deeply.

            He gasped out loud at her finger’s penetration.  She moved her finger deep inside him and leaned forward.  “I’m taking you anally, so now I have ownership over your ass.”

            He didn’t say anything.  A swirl of emotions and physical sensations was ripping through him.  He felt confused and subjected to her, yet his male member was still erect, standing up at attention at his belly as she made him her bitch.

            It was so humiliating!  He wanted to crawl into the grasses on his belly, like a snake, and get lost forever among the waving tall grasses.  She had taken him, and was penetrating him to her heart’s content.  And there was nothing he could do about it.

            Why wouldn’t his cock go down?  He was frustrated, knowing she could see he was turned on by her power over him, and by her ass-fucking him with her finger.

            She lubed up a second finger, and now he groaned with pleasure as she buried her two fingers up inside his ass.  “Look at what a good slut you are!” she said.

            He shook his head.  “Please don’t say that word…”

            “Slut!  You’re a slut and I’m making your ass open wide for me.  Say it.”

            He shook his head.

            She jammed her fingers in deeper and he gasped for air.

            “Say. It.”

            He felt tears stand out in his eyes.  He was glad that she could not see the tears in his eyes from her position at his ass.  The humiliation would be too excruciating…..  But weirdly exciting at the same time.

            How did she have this power over him?  He tried to make himself go limp, but his body was roaring with hormones and desire and a strange enjoyment of the pain and humiliation.  Where was all of this coming from? he wondered.  He should be screaming murder, getting anally penetrated like this, but somehow…. he yearned to be taken, he wanted it, he liked it, he hated liking it, he didn’t know how he could like it, but somehow he could not yell, but only moan softly and want to please her.  He wanted to make her happy.

            She jammed her fingers in and rolled them in a large circle, widening his ass out so wide it felt like he could take a tree trunk up his ass.  “Oh please…!” he groaned, falling forward onto his elbows on the grass.

            “Say it!” she ordered him.

            “But I’m not what you said.  I’m not one,” he said.

            Her fingers opened him up so wide there was no use in fighting it. He was a slut.  His ass was wide open and huge.

            She pulled her fingers out and he turned to see her putting a condom on a big black dildo.

            The grease of the lubricant made it slippery.  His wide open ass accepted it, and took the whole width of the dildo.

            He groaned and fell onto the ground, pleasure flowing from his ass throughout his entire, weak body.

            “Say it!” she said. She started to pump the dildo up his ass so he could barely think straight.

            He felt his erection grow even larger, engorged with blood.  His weary body couldn’t handle much more.

            His balls slapped loudly back and forth against her thighs as she pumped him with the dildo.

            “You’re a slut, so say it,” she said in his ear.

            He bit his lip.

            “If you say it, I will allow you to release and have an orgasm,” she said.

            He was breathing so hard, it was like he had run a marathon.

            “Why are you resisting?  It’s futile. I’ll win, and it will hurt less if you do as I say.”  She laughed in his ear.

            His whole body was being pounded, as she moved the dildo up and in, so high and deep inside his body.

            “Okay!” he groaned, falling on his belly on the grass.  “You’re right.  I’m a slut.”


            “I’m a total ass slut,” he sighed.  He felt the rolling thunderball of an orgasm starting up and it was impossible to stop.  “I’m your slut.   I am a slut,” he said in a tight voice, the words catching in his throat.  His orgasm rolled over him like a tidal wave.

            She laughed at him as his cock exploded ejaculate onto his belly, onto the grass, like an oil well that spurted into the air, randomly and awkwardly.

            He heard her laughter ringing in his ears and then he was lost in sensation, in the orgasm…

            He came to lying on his stomach, his sweaty face buried in the grass, his orgasm so powerful he felt like he had passed out for a moment.

            While he lay on his belly, she slowly pulled the dildo out of his ass.  She wiped it clean, removed the condom, and put them in her backpack.

            Completely spent, he lay in the grass.

            She sat down next to him and took off his restraints.

            For a spell of time, he could not say how long, he was so passed out, they sat together, with him lying on his belly, and she sitting beside him, stroking the sweaty hair across his brow.  “You handled it very well,” she said in a soothing voice.

            He couldn’t speak.  He just sighed.

            Finally, he felt energy returning.  He rolled over onto his back.

            Her beautiful face looked down upon him.  Beyond her, there were the tall prairie grasses, swaying gracefully.  And above them, the gorgeous blue sky.  Warm breezes touched his skin as he lay there nearly naked in the grass.

            He would always remember that day on the prairie with her.  His bossy bitch.  His controlling sexual sadist.  His owner.

            “I tried to somehow make myself go limp,” he groaned between deep breaths.  “I didn’t want you to see how turned on I was.”

            She smiled in that mysterious, quiet way that she had.

            She had already known, he realized.

            He now could see that a woman like her could tell what a man wanted, even before he realized it himself.

 Copyright: Ariane Arborene 2010

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