About Ariane Arborene

Classic Stories of Female Domination & Discipline of the Submissive Male

Ariane Arborene has been a lifestyle domme all of her adult life.  Training and disciplining men is one of her greatest pleasures.  Based in New York City, she has more than a decade of experence in training the submissive man to heed the dominant female.  Ariane Arborene believes in and practices female authority and control.  She now enjoys writing erotic stories for the enjoyment of submissives.

She understands the deep need that the submissive feels, the need to submit to one who will take control, one who has the capacity to dominate completely.  Ariane Arborene is a highly-intelligent, uniquely qualified femdom writer.  Her stories will excite you, fulfill you, and provide you with the kind of erotic thrill that will inspire your erotic fantasy life.

In the words of one of her lucky personal slaves:

    I never knew true submission to a woman before I was trained by Miss Ariane Arborene.  She owns me.  She knows me.  She is my goddess and my desire.  Her touch can bring life or pain.  She plays responsibly and fairly, and demands obedience.  Obedience is what I give her.  No one has ever shown me Female Domination and Female Authority as she has done.
                                  ----- SubBoy John A.
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