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Classic Stories of Female Domination & Discipline of the Submissive Male

November, 2016
I cannot believe how busy I have been with life all year!  But I have not forgotten my readers.

I have a short story that will soon be published that is in the straight-forward FemDom genre.  A young man is lured by attractive women .... and we will leave it there, for now.

Follow me on TWITTER (@ArboreneAuthor) where I give the latest news whenever I publish a new FemDom story.  But I will also put up a notice here on my website once it is for sale on Amazon, as a Kindle story.

Keep reading my fiction, darlings!


March, 2016
As promised, I have just published a new short story, so please check it out.  "A Day in the Life of a FemDom" marriage, published on Kindle on February 22, will excite those who enjoy a loving, affectionate LIFESTYLE type of FemDom romance.

As you know, my scenes can be rather brutal at times.  No apologies for that, but I know that some of my readers prefer less hardcore FemDom.

This one is for you, darlings!

This one basically wrote itself.  It was very easy to like this couple and I really enjoyed telling their story.

Don't forget that a few of my earlier works are available in Audible Audiobook format.

Hollie the narrator does an AMAZING job narrating my stories. She turns them into very sexy, beautiful storytelling moments.  I am thrilled with each of them, and I hope you will try them out.  Just sit back, close your eyes and listen.  And maybe something else will happen, too .... ha haha!

***** ***** ***** *****

February 2016
I hope to publish a hot new short story later this month, my darlings!  I've been busy over the holidays, and traveling.  But I plan to turn my attention to a NEW financial domination story.  It should be a delicious look into a femdom relationship in which the older, wealthy man pays for everything his young dominant woman wants while they are on vacation in Aspen.  And, of course, being a man, he ticks her off and has to pay the price. Ha ha ha!

I love writing, so no matter how busy I get with life, you can depend upon me to keep producing new stories for My femdom fans.

If you have not read all my books, read them all now!  Also, the Audible audiobook versions are quite erotic and soothing and suave and juicy.  The narrator, Holly, does an amazing job with the material, far better than I ever could.  Please check them out now and delve into some sexy scenes...!

*****     *****     *****

November, 2015

Hello my dear readers...  Please check out my latest short story on Kindle.   Titled "Making Her Cuckolded Piggy Bank Pay (FinDom FemDom Erotic Romance)", it is hot, sexy, and very Female Dominant.

It is all about Financial Domination and Cuckolding, two of my favorite topics!  I am working on a sequel to this delicious story about Bernie and Angela.  And don't forget -- you can always follow me on Twitter @arboreneauthor ... 
*****     *****

October, 2015

Hello, my dear readers!  I have been busy living life, and  have had limited time to devote to my erotica writing.  I have a million ideas for stories, but have simply been too busy to write them up.  It's a nice problem to have -- too many ideas.  My hope is that as the fall and winter keep me indoors more, I will have more opportunities for turning my hot and sexy story ideas into fiction.

I will soon have new short stories available on Kindle, at Amazon.  I usually announce them first on twitter, so be sure to follow me there at:  @arboreneauthor .

My latest news is that my sexy story, "Beneath Judge Emily's Robes", has JUST become available as an audiobook through Audible.  I highly recommend it.  Hollie Jackson's sexy voice makes it a charming and very erotic story to listen to ... Buy it, sit back, and enjoy!  Her narration is always perfectly attuned to my erotica vibe.

For some reason, probably because my work is very explicit erotica, it can sometimes be hard to find my publications on Amazon.  The best way to find all of my publications is to do a search by my name on Amazon ... It frustrates me that my works are hard to find. But Amazon is such a behemoth that there is little I can do to change this.  Keep buying my work, and perhaps they will make it easier to find, ha ha.

Thank you for supporting my work, my dears....
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