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Classic Stories of Female Domination & Discipline of the Submissive Male

My career as a writer of female domination erotica began in late 2010 with the publication of Ariane Arborene's Classic FemDom Stories.  This collection of intense but realistic femdom fiction was my version of some of the classic and timeless scenes of erotic female domination of submissive men that had run through my mind since puberty -- fantasies and scenes that ran through my mind when I indulged in the pleasure of erotic daydreams.  As a real-life dominant, I understand that erotic arousal comes in many forms and I wanted to capture these classic erotic scenes in fiction.  This collection of stories began to find a devoted following.  By clicking on the link below, you will be forwarded to Amazon's product page, which will give you more details about the book before deciding if you want to purchase it.  You can find a sexy sample story from this book here on my website on the page "A Recent Story by Ariane."

Following the excellent reader response to my first book, I started on Volume 2.  But one story in the new collection seemed to beg to be told in longer form.  This became my first-ever erotic novel, Serving FemDom Alice in Martha's Vineyard: A Novel of Male Erotic Servitude.  The novel was a lot of fun to write!  It is hugely erotic.  There is an excerpt from it here on my website on the page "Scene in my FemDom novel."  If you are interested in more details about the book, please click on the link below to Amazon, where it is for sale as both an ebook and print book.

Once I had published my novel, I set to work completing the exciting Classic FemDom Stories Volume 2 in October, 2011.  This book continued with scenes that are classic, timeless scenarios of female erotic control over the male.  A story from that collection also appears for free here on the website.

In April, 2012, I published my first erotic femdom novella, Submitting to Alexis: Artist in Training.  It has been fun to write!  All my books are erotically enjoyable for me.....

If you enjoy my work, email me and let me know!  Giving pleasure to my readers is a strong motivator.  Writing Female Domination erotica is a kind of writing in the shadows.  The rest of the world sometimes expresses disdain for fetish erotica, and while you, as a reader of mine, and I know that my work is carefully written and high quality work, those who would judge us paint all fetish erotica with the same broad brushstrokes.  But I know my readers are highly intelligent, sophisticated and well-read.  I thank you for reading my work and visiting my website.

Thank you to the faithful and submissive readers who enjoy my stories.  Your response means a lot to me.  It is a somewhat solitary thing, to write erotic fiction in a world that does not understand Female Domination.  For those of you who are as turned on by Female Domination as I am, thank you so much for purchasing my book.

I am an experienced domina who knows how to put a man in his place.  I love erotic FemDom fiction.

I wrote my stories to bring enjoyment to you, my readers. I believe in these stories. They were written with care. But they were also written with my real-life interest and experience in the sexual nature of erotic female domination.  While several of my stories are not sexually explicit, they all depict true female domination.

I get turned on by sexually dominating a man.  Writing about it gives me pleasure.  I hope that in reading my stories, you will experience private pleasure as well!

My fiction is literate, even poetic at times.

I feel Female Domination is natural, normal, and beautiful if practiced humanely and ethically.  It is a valid lifestyle for those of us who are naturally dominant or naturally submissive.

Readers are welcome to contact me with positive feedback about my fiction at     Do not send attachments of any kind.  I will not open images, photos, or other people's fiction or poetry.

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