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Hello, dear submissive and dominant readers!  Due to the great response to my first book of FemDom short fiction, I have written a FemDom novel.

It has PLENTY of hot scenes.  To give you a taste of the novel, I am posting a free excerpt from Chapter Seven right here, below.  The novel is about lifestyle submission to a dominant woman, so things get a bit intimate!


            When he entered the guest cottage’s large front room, Mistress Alice was casually seated on the long, overstuffed couch, sipping tea.  Olga, still in her black pant suit, sat on the bed.

            Glancing into the walk-in closet, Jason saw an equestrian outfit hanging there, along with sleek, black riding boots.  A woman in Olga’s strong, fit physical condition probably kept herself in shape through sports like riding, Jason thought.

            Alice stirred her tea.  She looked at hm.   “I hear you got off to a rough start with Olga today.”

            “Much to my regret, Mistress.”

            Alice looked at her Russian friend.  Olga let out a low laugh, not a pleasant sound.

            “Olga and I have been discussing an appropriate punishment.”

            Jason’s knees wobbled a little.  “I accept whatever punishment you superior beings deem necessary.”

            Olga arched an eyebrow.  She looked at Alice.  “Isn’t dat pleasant, dearest?  Slave generously accept whatever we deem necessary.”

            The two women burst out laughing.

            “The presumption of laughable twit,” Olga said in her thick Russian accent.  “Get naked and get on knees.”

            “Yes, ma’am.”  Jason stepped out of his shoes.  He unbuckled his trousers and dropped them to the floor.  He stepped out of trousers, then peeled off his shirt and light sweater.

            He stood before them, totally naked.

            Alice looked up at him, swirling her tea.  Her eyes burned as she looked at his body.  A jolt of excitement stiffened him up when his owner rested her gaze on his male member.  He couldn’t help it.

            Olga set down her tea cup on the bedside table.  She stood up.  “You have nice looking boy, Alice.”  Olga stepped around the edge of the bed, walking up to him as Alice watched from the couch.  “But he need good whipping.  Hard ass discipline.”

            “Straighten him out, Olga,” Alice said.  “It will be my pleasure to watch a true master administer discipline.”

            Olga approached him.  What would she do?  The Russian opera diva had a severe expression on her face that frightened him.  The look in her eyes told Jason that here was a woman who could hurt him badly without flinching at all.

            “What a nice boy,” Olga said.  “Stand with legs apart for inspection.”

Jason moved his legs apart and stood.  His cock and balls dangled before the older woman.

She placed her hand under his balls, holding her hand flat like a shelf.  She patted his balls, so that they bounced up and down, up and down.

They sagged loosely as they bounced down.  This made both women dissolve in laughter.  “Look at his pathetic bouncing saggies!” Olga said.  “You saggie like old man?”  She burst out laughing when she saw Jason’s mortified facial expression.

Alice laughed at him, too, great peals of superior female laughter.

He grew uncomfortable, as his balls bounced up and down.  Olga slapped them higher and higher up in the air.  It started to hurt when they dropped down, of their own weight, against his inner thighs.  He had big, meaty balls and she was starting to hurt them as she tossed them around with her hands.

Olga pulled a chair up and took him in hand.  With one hand, she held his soft prick and with the other, she examined it, like a piece of meat she was planning to buy.  “Like you told me, Alice, he is circumcised,” Olga said.  “His cock has nice shape.  Not too small, my God, how horrible that would be.”

“No one serves me without having at least eight inches to tease and torment,” Alice said in a matter-of-face tone as she poured honey into her fragrant tea.  “I would never have let this slave make the cut if his cock couldn’t satisfy me.”

“Just so,” Olga said, lifting his penis to look underneath it.

It made him feel helpless to realize the older Russian woman had the right to feel him up and do whatever she pleased to him.  He loved when he was handled by his owner.  But Olga made him feel like a piece of horseflesh.

He was starting to blush as she fondled his penis.  It was growing aroused by her handling.

Olga turned back to Alice and smiled.  “Look at boy.  His penis, it start to come to life.”

Jason lifted his head.  He looked up at the ceiling.  It was humiliating, to be played with like this.  To have no rights.  He tried to will his cock into limpness.

But it was impossible.

The older woman’s fingers were immensely skilled, coaxing sensation out of his organ.  She circled the sensitive head.  She tightly and firmly grasped the underside of his prick, beneath the head, where so many nerve endings were.

How he would love to service them by fucking them both into ecstasy!  If only they would let him serve their sexual needs in that way.

But he knew that was not where things were headed.  Olga’s eyes were hard as rocks.

Olga’s fingers trembled tantalizingly up and down the shaft of his cock.

“Oooo, look at it now,” Olga said, making Alice laugh.

“Slaves are fun to play with,” Alice said.  “I sucked him hard the other night. When I took him to Edgartown, I made him endure nipple torture.  He has recovered from the nipple play.  His cock – I abuse that as much as I want.  But you can do anything, Olga.”

“You know how much I love good ass spanking toy,” Olga said, stroking his cock a bit harder now.

Spanking?  His asshole tightened up in fear.  He hadn’t been spanked by his owner in weeks.  Mistress Alice knew his ass grew tender if he went too long without a spanking to harden it up.

He gulped.  Olga noticed his fear.  “I want to see ass, boy,” she said.

He stood there, not knowing what to do.

“Turn around, Jason!  Let her inspect your ass,” Alice said.  “You’d think I didn’t train him at all.”

Jason didn’t know what had gotten into him.  Having two women in control of him, planning to abuse him… it was like his brain was short-circuiting.

He turned around.

“Bend over.”

Jason obediently bent over.  He placed his hands on his knees, with his legs straight.  He knew his ass was hanging out in the air.  Olga reached up and spread his ass cheeks wide.  He felt humiliated.  He felt air on his hole, as she pried him open.

“Nice and clean!” Olga said. She gave him a spank.  It stung slightly.

Then, she reached down, between his legs.  Without Alice being able to see Olga’s hands, the Russian secretly pulled on his cock, pulling him back and up, hard.

He gurgled in pain and fell onto his knees on the floor.

Both women burst out in fits of laughter.

His cock felt like it was yanked apart from his groin!  When he looked up, Olga was giving him a secret, dark look.  She knew.  Olga knew what she had done to his cock, to make him flop over like a ragdoll.  Alice couldn’t have seen how hard the jerking motion was, but it certainly ended up making him look foolish.

He could not fight Olga’s superiority, nor did he want to.  All he wanted to do was please them both.

Jason crawled on his hands and knees to Olga.  “I’m sorry I fell, Miss Rostranova.”

Olga nodded.  “Of course you are.  Once I’m done with you, I tink you understand submission little bit better.”  He strained to understand her thick Russian accent.

            Olga ordered him to lie flat on his back on the carpet.

            As he lay back, Olga started to fondle his cock again.  She was clearly going to make him come, before starting the spanking procedure.  That way, the spanking would truly hurt.  When his owner was mad at him, she did things this way; she forced him to orgasm, so that he could not experience arousal while taking his ass punishment.  He cringed.

            Alice finished her tea.  She started to pull off her pants and shirt.  Without a bra on, her full breasts fell in a voluptuous motion as she bent over to fold her clothes neatly in a stack.

Mistress Alice caressed her bare breasts to tease him.  Jason watched his owner like a man possessed.  The curved perfection of her large breasts swayed back and forth under her own deep caresses.

Jason was like a dog being shown a juicy bone.  Just out of reach.  Saliva seemed to flood his mouth.  Something about his owner’s body always turned him on, like no one else ever had before.  He wanted to lick and suck her voluptuous, milky breasts.

But she had other pleasures in store.  Alice turned to gaze down at him.  She spread her legs and he glimpsed the perfection of her pussy.  His penis grew higher, sprouting from his groin like a tree branch.

She showed herself off, spreading her legs farther apart.  “I want my slave to service me orally until I come,” Alice said.

            Olga said darkly, “Make his tongue give out!”

            He licked his lips.  What a delight!  Mistress Alice positioned her pussy above his mouth.  She held herself up as she crouched with her athletic legs on either side of his head.

Jason was flat on the floor as Mistress slowly lowered her preciousness down, lower and lower, until she sat on his upturned face.  He could not believe his good fortune.  For a moment, he pulled his head back to look up at her perfect pinkish-red folds.  He sighed, looking at her divine triangle of trimmed pubic hair.

            “Look at that,” Olga said dismissively.  “He look but not obey!”

            Alice slapped his face.  He loved the stinging burn on his cheeks.

            “Slave Jason needs more savage training, dear,” Olga mused.  Alice, you go too easy on him.  Must train him with tighter reins.”

            Alice boxed his ears lightly.  It hurt, but in a good way.  Alice tugged on his hair, at his temples.  He breathed in her essence as she covered his face with her sweet-smelling genitals.

Mistress settled her weight down heavily onto his face.  Her face-sitting skills awed him.  He licked hungrily at her outer lips, edging his tongue deeper in.  Her weight pushed down on his nose.  He breathed in her scent and was intoxicated, drugged by it.

            His owner was already a little moist, probably from watching Olga manhandle him.  As he licked, Mistress Alice started to loosen up more of her magical milk from within her vagina.

            He licked her sweet lips.  He loved the taste so much.  He wanted to be underneath her every day.  All day.  His mouth yearned and sucked.

Olga worked over his cock with her fingers.  He felt his balls coming to life again, and his cock was aroused.  His member was rising higher up off his balls as it became engorged with blood, stiffening up into hardness as he served his owner’s luscious body orally.

            Now that she was settled into position and comfortable, Mistress started to ride his face.  She moved back and forth ever so slightly.  Little moans of pleasure escaped her as she rode his face, smothering him, making him sputter with groans of desire.  If only he could bury his cock up that gorgeous passage, up those pink walls!  His cock was rising, rising.  Mistress experienced more enjoyment as she used his face and his nose for her pleasure.  Her juices flowed freely onto his tongue now.  He gasped for air, moving his mouth from side to side against her.  Her moisture covered the sides of his mouth, coating his bristly cheeks and chin with a smooth layer of her essence.  He felt her slippery, sweet moisture on his cheeks and tasted her in his mouth and down his throat.

            He wanted her so badly.  He reached up and respectfully held both sides of her beautiful ass, at her curvy hip.  Alice pumped up and down on his face more energetically.

            He darted his tongue up and in.  His cock felt like more than two hands were fondling him.  As if from a distance, he heard Olga give a guttural laugh as she pulled on his rod.  It was so hard now.  Olga was having her fun, and he was helpless to make her stop.

He struggled to breathe.  Alice’s pussy smothered him.  If he would faint from lack of air, this was the only way he wanted to lose consciousness – buried beneath her body’s most intimate and exciting wonderworld.

Jason breathed fast and hard.  His lungs gasped for air.  He could not see, but he felt his cock, thick and hard, being bounced by Olga’s expert, skilled, demonic hands.

            Mistress Alice groaned and then, a spurt of white pleasure juice came down her pussy into his open mouth, coating his lucky tongue, filling his senses.  His hands tightened their loving grip on her rounded ass.

He felt himself starting to come.

            Olga pulled on his cock and his climax started to unfold.

            As Alice wriggled on his upturned face in pleasure, sighing and groaning in orgasm, Jason’s dick was going to explode.

            He groaned loudly, filling the room with his deep, masculine cry of intense pleasure, as his cock spurted into a towel Olga held in her hands.  Everything seemed to go dark for a moment.  Or did he shut his eyes?  A flood of pleasure overtook his balls and cock.  His entire body relaxed and was rejuvenated.

            Alice was grinding her wet pussy deeper into his mouth, so that he could not breathe.

            For a moment, Jason thought he might pass out, into a heavenly darkness of sexual milk and fulfillment.  He was floating, suspended in sensation.  Overpowered.

            He came to.  He opened his eyes.

Alice leaned forward, raising her perfect crotch up into the air as Olga wiped him down.

            Mistress kneeled and then stood, a little unsteadily.  She laughed at herself.  She raised her arms in the air, showing off her beautiful breasts and body.  “Ahhh, that felt so sweet,” she said.  “Just what I needed.”

            “Your slave, does he provide good oral servitude?” Olga said, wiping him down.

            His owner nodded.

            Olga smiled.  “You can’t have slave who doesn’t have multiple talents, can you?” Olga said.  “Oral work, cock work, ass play – he’s got to have all the sexual services you need, or it never work.”

            “I agree,” Mistress Alice said.  She dropped lazily onto the couch with a sigh.  Her naked body was beautiful in repose.

            “He came into towel pretty well,” Olga said, wiping the last traces of semen off with a washcloth.  “I really want to spank your slave’s rounded, muscular ass.”

            “He is all yours.  All I ask is that you do not break the skin.  I don’t want his ass out of commission with bandages.”

            “Is okay, darlink, if I put on collar and leash to hold slave with?”

            Alice leaned over and gave her older Russian friend a kiss.  “Olga, you helped make me the domme I am today.  Of course.”

            Olga rummaged through her luggage.  Alice turned to Jason.  “In the lifestyle, you don’t place a collar on someone else’s slave.  But in our case, what is mine, is hers.”

            Jason looked at his owner.  She didn’t seem to notice his pleading eyes.  He belonged to Alice.  She owned every inch of him.  Why did she see fit to let Olga inspect him and have her way with his body, giving him a rollicking hand job?  Was this what powerful dommes did?  Trading male slaves back and forth?

            “I know how much Miss Rostranova’s pleasure matters to you,” he said softly.

            Alice nodded.  It was hard to read her eyes.  She was sexually satisfied.  That often made his owner pleasantly, happily drowsy.

            “I understand,” he said, even though he did not.

            Mistress seemed pleased.  She touched his chest.  But she frowned at her empty cup.

            “Would you like me to go back to the house for more tea?” Jason said, standing.

            Olga shook her head.  Alice has no need for tea, slave.”  She pulled a wine bottle out of her luggage.

            “Fabulous!” Alice cried.  She motioned for Jason to take it from Olga’s outstretched hand.  He padded over and uncorked the bottle.  He hoped she would find his efforts graceful.  But when he turned around, he was disappointed to see that Alice was saying something to Olga.  He brought the bottle with two wine glasses back to where they sat.

            “Would you permit slave to have some wine?” Olga asked.

            Alice looked up from the wine glass as he poured it.  “Does he deserve it?”

            Olga shrugged in a way that was indefinably European.  Her upper lip rose a bit in disdain.  She accepted his pouring of the wine into her glass but looked distinctly unimpressed.  “To be honest with you, darling, I do not know.”

            “He obeyed me well orally,” Alice said in an encouraging tone.  She nodded for him to put the wine down and kneel naked before them.

            Olga wrapped a leather collar around his neck.  A leather leash dangled from it, falling onto his thighs.

            “True,” Olga sipped the wine.  “Is this wine not perfection?”

            Alice’s eyes grew wide.  “What is this?”

            Olga sipped her wine.  “This gifted to me by Princess Natalia’s head slave.  Is divine?”

            Alice looked at Jason.  She looked disappointed.  “Did you hear that?”

            He looked from Alice to Olga.  The wine came from a Princess?  Did he miss something?

            Alice reached her bare foot out and clomped him a blow on the balls.

            He jolted upright.  “Mistress?’ he said.

            Olga rolled her eyes.

            “Olga’s wine is a gift from the head slave of Princess Natalia.  It is the custom that whenever a dominatrix visits another dominant woman, the slave or, if there are more than one, the head slave takes it as one of his duties to gift the visiting domina with something she will enjoy.”

            “I see.”  Somewhere, in the back of his mind, he recalled Alice saying something about that the last time he made a trip into Vineyard Haven on errands.  He had forgotten.

            He crawled over.  He kissed Olga’s black patent leather shoe.  “I can give my obedience and admiration,” he said.

            Olga laughed.  She looked disgusted.

            “Don’t embarrass me with an empty show of nothingness,” Alice said between grit teeth.  She kicked him in the ass and told him to sit back down again.  “Now you know,” she said.  “That’s what you’re supposed to do.”

            Olga didn’t speak, sitting on the overstuffed chair across from Alice.  She looked at her younger friend.  “I suppose given the spanking I will administer to ass, slave deserve sip of wine first.  Yah?”

            Alice agreed.  Jason rose to stand.  He poured himself a glass of wine.  Alice poured him half a glass, as if he barely deserved that, and put the wine bottle back down on the coffee table between them.  He drank the half glass down.  His tongue danced from the high quality of the wine.  He relaxed slightly, sitting on his bare ass on the scratchy carpeting between the couch and overstuffed chair.

            “Some dommes in Europe now have too many boys in stable, dear,” Olga said.  “I limit myself to five.  I have Jacob.  He’s the boy in Paris now, but will come to New York in a few weeks.  Then I have a man in San Francisco.  You know, I sing so much in California these days.  I have my slaves in Italy and London.  Half my engagements next year are with opera companies in Italy.  And Sergei is my personal slave.  Of course.”

            Alice murmured and sipped her wine.

            Alice, didn’t you try out that slave that came recommended by Miss Gretel, of Berlin?”

            Alice waved her hand in the air dismissively.  “He was not good enough for me.  He forgot too many things.  And, frankly, his equipment was not to my liking.  Good girth, but short length.”

            The ladies giggled together and nodded for Jason to refresh their wine.

            “You see, slave?  Alice is sought-after domme.  I hear from men all the time in our lifestyle who are aware of her excellent reputation.  It is a secret world we are in, but believe me, young man, there are plenty of men dying for chance to serve Alice.  Many men have tried to serve her and fallen short.  You should count yourself lucky, thus far.”

            “I feel very fortunate to service Mistress Alice.”  He looked up at his owner.  She glanced at him, but she did not appear rapturous.

            He started to feel a slight buzz from the wine.

            “Today was slightly my fault,” Alice said.  “There is an important actor I’m trying to convince to star in the play Victor and I are producing.  I was on the phone and didn’t have time to instruct my slave completely.  But…..”

            Jason looked at her intently.

            “I am still assessing his devotion,” Alice finally said, finishing her thought vaguely.

            He felt unsettled by the turn the conversation was taking.  “Don’t I please you?” he asked.

            Olga laughed.  “Training.  It take time.”  She neatened up her long, straight blond hair.

            Alice looked over at her friend.  “Olga knows.  I am hard to please.  Men have tried.”

            “She demand total obedience,” Olga said.  “Total denial of male ego.  That’s what all of us internationally-recognized dommes demand.  There are not many of us.  But are many submissives who wish to serve.”

            Alice finished her second glass of wine.  “For now, he’ll do,” she said to Olga.

            Jason felt himself go crimson with embarrassment.  That was the best she could say about him?  He wanted to melt into the floor.

            Suddenly, Alice leaned forward and ruffled his hair affectionately.

            Olga looked at him, her dark eyes unknowable.  “You must do everything she demands,” Olga said.

            He bowed his head.

            “Now.  Time for ass discipline.  Calling me Olga instead of Miss Rostranova?  Mistake.  Pick me up at airport a few minutes late and make me wait?  Bad mistake.”

            Alice leaned back and half closed her eyes, drowsy.

            “You okay with I whip his ass as hard as I want?” Olga said in her broken English.

            “Yes, my dear.  Anything you want.”

            Olga gave him a grim look.  “Come into bathroom, slave boy.”  She said something to Alice in Russian.

            Jason stood up.  He was surprised to find that his legs were unsteady.  He followed Olga into the bathroom.

            “Drop your cock and balls into sink,” Olga ordered.

            He placed his package into the pale pink sink, against the cold, smooth porcelain.

            “Can I put on your latest cd?” Alice said.

            Olga answered in Russian.  Alice moved across the room, still naked.  She placed a cd in the machine.  The room filled with orchestral music.  Alice sat down with her legs wide apart to tease him.

            Olga took a bar of pink soap and lathered up his cock and balls.  “You do not think I would let you lay across my lap for a spanking without cleaning off your sexual effusions, do you?” she said.

            He felt like a tool as she washed him up.  She rinsed off his cock and balls.  Accidentally on purpose, it seemed, she ran icy cold water over him until he gasped and tried to pull away.

            Olga pulled a towel from the towel bar and patted him dry.  Every now and then, as she patted him with the towel, she yanked a little too hard on his balls and he groaned in pain.  But he did not complain.

            Her dark eyes sized him up, when he wanted to cry out.  She seemed to nod in approval when he withstood the random, sudden pain of her yanks under the cover of the towel as she dried him up.  Alice go too easy on slave,” Olga whispered.  “I can tell.”

            He didn’t make eye contact.  He looked at the floor, anywhere but her commanding eyes.

            “Common problem,” she whispered.  “Domme become too attached to slave.  Start to go too easy on the man.  He start to lose his training.  Very, very bad.”  Olga made a twig-snapping motion with her hands.  He gulped.  “Here is where Olga come into the picture, just so?”

            He nodded.

            “Say so!” she barked.

            “Yes, Miss Rostranova,” Jason stuttered.

            She slapped him on the ass.  She said, “Go in and kneel before the bed.”

(c) Ariane Arborene  2011

You will need to read the book to see what happens next!  If interested in purchasing, please visit the link below.


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