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About Me

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About Me

I enjoy writing erotica about female domination.  You enjoy reading it.

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My Books

My stories are the product of my erotic imagination and, as you can probably guess, maybe even my life.  I write full-frontal erotica, with no holds barred and no inhibitions in showing men submitting erotically to dominant women.  My stories are sexy, hardcore, explicit and for adults only. If you like this, you will love my stories...  You can find my books in print, Kindle and audio format on Amazon and Audible.

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Erotic Writing

I believe erotic writing that turns you on contributes to life.  I'm happy to hear from people who find erotic enjoyment from my work.  I don't write stories with plot and action -- I write stories based more upon the mood, feeling, specific erotic activities, and vibe that I'm trying to convey.  I want my stories to stick in your erotic memory.  That, for me, is success.  I don't care how many stories I sell.  All it takes is one reader who enjoys life more after reading my work.


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